Monday, November 1, 2010

Our Weekend!

Last week we noticed a swelling on the ear flap of Meka, my assistance dog.

I researched the symptoms and they fit those of aural hematoma, which is caused by bleeding between the layers of skin of the ear.
I took him to the vet and he was, in fact, diagnosed with an aural hematoma.

The vet stated that the treatment with the best chance for permanent resolution was surgery. We set up a date for surgery on Friday 10/29. She did drain it with a needle but advised that it would likely refill again, but would give him a bit of relief until the surgery could take place( if by chance, it actually resolved, the surgery could be canceled).

So, at 8:30 AM on Friday, we brought Meka in for his surgery; we picked him up again at 4 PM.

He came home with a bandage on his head and one on his leg where the IV was.

We were instructed to remove the bandage the next day and use the Elizabethan collar whenever we were not able to directly observe him to make sure that he didn't scratch or paw at the stitches.

We also have an anti inflammatory and antibiotics we need to give him.

He was fairly lethargic the rest of the evening, but went out readily for a brief relief break at about 11pm, then we all conked out.

Photos below:

Yesterday when we got up David went to the kitchen and the kitchen light blew out and blew a fuse, we thought, but actually blew a breaker further along the line. So, we had to get maintenance and it was determined that the fixture had a short, so I had to quickly do some shopping online to decide what I wanted and where to go for it.

I went to Home Depot and got some fixtures and got back as quickly as I could so that the maintenance man would still be available to install it. He did. I'm not sure I'm entirely happy with the first choice of placement, but at least we have light where we need it, the breakers aren't tripping and I can have things moved later if necessary.

Because the maintenance man was working on the ladder in the kitchen, I didn't get lunch until 2:30 PM, then needed to do a couple of errands and went to Mass at 5:30.

Later, we removed the dressing on Meka's ear. The wound was still pretty raw looking.

I re-bandaged the ear and for overnight we placed the Elizabethan collar on him ( no photos of that yet).

He bumbled about in a pathetic fashion, trying to judge where this thing will fit and where it won't and how to move with it. At some point during the night, he decided to join us in bed, a very rare occurrence without an express invitation. In true doggy fashion, he made himself comfortable. The cat moved to another location, then another. Meka continued to spread out and David was soon clinging to an edge of the bed with an edge of the blanket.

I slept through most of this and woke fairly refreshed.

Today we plan a relaxing day, no plans except to greet trick or treaters!

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