Monday, January 12, 2009

Craft Night at EtsyLabs

Just came back from Craft Night at EtsyLabs.

Tonight's project was creating a sugar scrub; a really fun project. I made mine with grapeseed oil and vanilla oil (and sugar, of course); smells wonderful! This demystified the process and allowed us to try it out without a major investment in materials. I think this might be the start of a whole new period of my experimentation in the area of bath and beauty products, though I don't know if they'll make it to my shop.

I always enjoy my Craft Night experiences, not only for the projects themselves, but for the opportunity to meet, speak to and interact with other crafters.

Here are some examples of items similar to what we learned about already on

Sweet Treat Whipped Cream Fluff Sugar Scrub by AnitaCraftyCreations

Foaming Bath Butter Sugar Scrubs with Jojoba Spheres by TheMermaidsTreasure

Foaming Sugar Scrub by EsanSpa

Satin and Lace SASSY Apricot Sugar Scrub by damagicmirror

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