Tuesday, May 12, 2009


May is almost over and I've just recently accepted the fact that it is, in fact, Spring.

I had a great wedding anniversary on the 5th and a wonderful Mothers'Day!

I've also begun slowly to add some more computer and crafting activities back into my repertoire since my hand has considerably improved with therapy.

We participated in the MS Walk 2009 and MS Marketplace, in particular, which was a tent where three other Chapter members and we sold our handcrafted items. We had a fun day; beautiful weather, sold a number of items and donated 10% back to the Chapter.

It was a very long day because we had to be there to set up before 6:30 AM. We were done by about 2:30 and home by 4PM, having come back over the Brooklyn Bridge under our own power.

Since we didn't pack anything extra and really hadn't much time to spend on photography, the only photos we have are cell phone pictures but here they are:

I have written here about my shop on Etsy and about crafting nights at least once.

Another aspect of Etsy is the grouping together of members into Teams for the purpose of mutual support and promotion.

I recently joined the NewNewYork Team which ia composed of Etsy members who live and or work in New York City. I'm just beginning to find my way around the workings of the group and hope that I'll be able to be a truly active member by Fall. You'll likely be reading more about this as time goes on.

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