Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Well, It Looks Like It's An Exacerbation, After All!

After having lots more ups and downs within the past several months, than is usual for me or than I like, I've discussed it with my neurologist and decided to go on a course of IV steroids.

Yesterday and today I've had a particularly hard time, with blurry and double vision; gait and balance problems as well as massive fatigue.

I'd been really trying to "ride it out" and had been minimizing how bad I'd been feeling because I was hoping to avoid taking steroids, because the side effects are pretty unpleasant for me; not the least of which is weight gain (..and I've been doing pretty well up to this point...), stomach upset, and also agitation and sleep problems.

Having decided, there was some arranging to do, so there'll be a bit of a delay in actually getting it going.

I'll be doing it at home, so the medication and supplies need to be ordered and delivered and a referral will be made for a visiting nurse to come to do the infusions. Naturally, the various insurances will be involved.

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