Friday, April 30, 2010

April 30th - Day one, Solumedrol Infusion

The medication and infusion supplies were delivered last night and just about noon today, a nurse from Visiting Nurse Service arrived for my first infusion.

He took my medical history, explained the services of the agency and the specifics of the infusion procedure, discussed my previous experiences with it. He then inserted the intravenous catheter which stays in place (if all goes well) for the five day duration of the infusion. He then instructed me in the procedures for mixing the medication with the glucose solution, setting up, connecting and disconnecting the medication from the tube (catheter) that remains in the vein. He remained for a couple of hours to monitor the progress of the infusion while he input data into the record.

He'll be back here tomorrow, but it's my understanding that the next few days I'll be on my own, unless I run into a problem and call for help.

So unless I misunderstand the plan, if I don't need further help, someone will be back to check in on Tuesday and to remove the catheter.

We planned to do the infusion slowly and started it quite slowly. Within the first half hour, though I was feeling and looking quite flushed and so we decided to dial the flow back a bit further. The whole thing took about three hours.

I'm already hungry, but I'm trying to be really careful to stay in my calorie range.

I'm thinking of dividing the meals into more smaller, more frequent mini meals for the next few days so that I don't get ambushed by the munchies.

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