Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 2

Upon waking, I noticed tightness and soreness in my jaw and neck. Mild massage and stretching as well as acetaminophen helped the jaw soreness but the headache remained. I discussed this with Kayron when he visited and took a 2nd dose of acetaminophen at 3PM.

The RN from VNS visited again to observe my technique in preparing and connecting the infusion. Once he arrived we discussed the effects mentioned above and the fact that I was having some discomfort with the IV site so he moved the IV to different location.

My headache and metallic taste increased during infusion. Gauge set at 100 (2 hours and 45 min. duration)

My gait has improved slightly.

Vision issues are still intermittent.

Ability to focus seems somewhat improved.

Still feel very fatigued and a bit jittery; appetite increased; still very thirsty.

I realize that this is fairly clinical and sketchy but I don't feel too literary today.

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