Monday, May 17, 2010

Sunday, May17

Today was another mild and sunny day.

After being too fatigued to get to the Mass we usually attend, I was able to get up and out for 9 AM Mass this morning. We left immediately after David, my husband and Meka, my assistance dog returned from the morning walk.

Because this is not the service we usually attend, we were able to see and greet a number of fellow parishioners that we don't usually get to see.

When we got home, we did a few of our morning routines that we didn't get to do before we left (medications, read a bit of the Times, did a couple of exercises) then I made an omelet with shallots, plum tomatoes, feta cheese, olives, basil, served with a garnish of arugula leaves for the two of us. It was more like brunch in terms of timing.

We had a relaxing day; made and received a few phone calls, did some email and SparkPeople stuff, watched "On the WaterFront", which I'd never seen all the way through, even took a brief "lie down", had a small snack.

After the movie, David took Meka out again while I went to the YMCA to join up. I brought my suit with me and used the pool for the first time.

I use a wheelchair due to mobility difficulties due to my MS. The pool provides a means for me to do physical exercise which does not cause the same level of fatigue and overheating that many other forms do. It also reduces that pesky hold that gravity usually has on me (until I get out, when I notice the work I've done).

The changing area and shower are small but manageable for me since I can stand and transfer and walk short distances.

The pool has a water powered lift which makes getting into and out of the pool much more "do-able"

I went during the "Recreational Family Swim" time and used the time to do many of the exercises I did during the Aquatics program that just ended, along with stretching, water jogging and finishing with a short swim. I stayed just short of an hour and then wended my way home.

I'm going to try to do the Water Aerobics tomorrow.

I'm thinking about beginning a new craft project soon-looking for the right inspiration.

Here are a few projects past...

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