Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Wow, I knew I was behind on my posting but a whole year!!?? AAAARGH!

Part of my neglect has had to do with the fact that I've had several health setbacks, first some repetitive stress injuries and then a slow starting, kind of long lasting flare up of my MS, so I haven't been doing too much on the creative side that didn't also have a practical purpose at home.

My priorities were placed in attempting to manage everyday life and responsibilities to family, friends and community while also trying to get better. I've actually made some progress but recently realized I needed a bit more help, so I'm doing a round of steroid treatment.

Here's a nutshell version of last year. I'll try to keep it in some sort of order, maybe reverse is best, since the medication decision is the most recent.

The previous post shows a photo of our table at last year's MS Walk. We did not participate at the Marketplace tables this year because I was too fatigued. I did, however, sign on as a "Virtual Walker" to raise funds and exceeded my fundraising goal, thanks to wonderful friends, relatives, neighbors and colleagues.

I've been going to Physical and Occupational Therapy and to an Aquatics program for people with MS and up until the flare-up, had been improving my endurance and my ability to do some of my crafting without pain. However, I still haven't had a sustained level of energy that would allow me to conceptualize and realize a complete project.

We were able to have all of our usual family celebrations of birthdays and holidays, though sometimes with a revised level of expectation of the work I required of myself to do that.

With the help of other family members we were able to assist an elder family member to deal with a medical emergency that then required a new living arrangement in an assisted living residence.

So, while the external crafting of art has been suspended for a time, the art of life has gone on...

The photos are some of the "practical art" that has come of the year.

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