Thursday, May 6, 2010

Two Days More...

Yesterday was my first day on oral prednisone, which is the method used to taper off from the truly high doses of the first three days of intravenous infusion.

It really felt great to be free of "hardware" and to be able to take a shower without wrapping my arm in plastic wrap.

One of my husband's sisters was visiting from California and staying with another sister in Nassau County (not too far).

She came in on the train to Manhattan and my husband met her there after concluding some earlier appointments, did a bit of sightseeing with her and then returned here to Brooklyn, at which point my other sister-in-law and her husband drove in and arrived at just about the same time.

I had planned on ordering in but upon thinking about it, I decided that whatever my taste buds might be telling me that I might want (Thai, Mexican,Italian) might not go down well with my intestinal tract.

I remembered that I had some IKEA meatballs in my freezer and so I made a sauce, put the whole thing in the crock pot, made some noodles, and dinner was ready when we were with minimal exhaustion factor.

Also, I knew exactly what the calorie counts were and could manage my portions more intelligently.

We had a lovely visit and dinner. They brought a decorated cake which added to the celebratory spirit of the day.

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