Monday, May 10, 2010

May 10th-Progress and Community Building

This morning I was able to go as planned to the Aquatics Program that began in March.

The program was a time limited research program run by the School of Health Professions at Long Island University,Brooklyn Campus, which is, happily, right across the street from my home.

I was really pleased to see that I was able to participate fully and with less limitation than a couple of weeks ago It was great to see it through. Since I'm still winding down on my prednisone, I was concerned that I might have some rebound of my symptoms.

Today was the last session of the series and I was glad not to be a "drop out"..

While I was tired, I didn't need to crash immediately. I did take a nap later in the afternoon.

Since it's a research program they did pre- and post- program physical therapy evaluations. Those measurements will be available to participants as soon as they are able to be analyzed and reported if they wish to have them. I am going to request mine because I think it will be useful.

Tomorrow I go to my regular Physical and Occupational Therapy sessions with half the amount of medication aboard than I had today, so we'll see what happens…

Another recent development with relationship to SparkPeople is that in addition to becoming more active on my blog, I've also been reading blogs by other members and more of the articles as well as using other resources. It does help to be more involved in the community, giving and receiving support!

It is one of those lessons that I get to learn over and over again in different parts of my life.

I'm heading off to bed pretty soon and am ready to get into a calmer space.

Below is a cloud photo:

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