Friday, June 18, 2010

Celebrate Good Times!

I meant to get this posted two days ago, at least, but revelry and recuperation intervened.

Wednesday was my birthday. My husband, David, was very attentive. He gave me numbers of gifts all wrapped individually thought the day and made a reservation for a mid afternoon luncheon at one of my favorite restaurants in a nearby neighborhood and invited his sister and her husband as well as several other friends, five additional people, in all. We had a great time!

There were also calls, cards, emails, flowers and gifts from other family members and friends.

I am truly blessed with people who love me and show that love in many ways, not only on birthdays and such occasions.

It had been typical in my family of origin to have several different birthday celebrations with different groups of relatives and friends, so the birthday stretched on to the birthday week and even the birthday month! It's a tradition that I strive to maintain for myself and highly recommend to others.

So, last night I hosted a group of my friends who call ourselves the Fearsome Foursome and we celebrated my birthday together. We have known each other and met regularly for about 37 years.

Of course, given that I'm still in recovery mode from the recent health challenge, I had to take one day of recovery time for each day of celebration,

Below are some images taken during the day, my birthday breakfast, one of the bouquets I received, one of our houseplants and a picture of the view from our living room:

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