Sunday, June 27, 2010

New Landmark

I stopped off at Target on Wednesday after my Feldenkrais® Class and bought a caddy for the shower, to keep my shampoo and conditioner off the floor. It was a tension pole with wire baskets and needed to be assembled.

Saturday morning I thought we would put it together. WRONG! The instructions were terrible, but we figured we could work it out. WRONG! We got really close, but it wasn't fitting against the ceiling correctly and I couldn't seem to get it adjusted. The ironic part was that I hadn't even considered it a "project" which is kind of a dirty word to my husband. He was getting more and more frustrated and annoyed and I was becoming exhausted. I finally decided that it wasn't worth the trouble. I took it apart and returned it.

While I was out I stopped at another clothing store because there was a sale. I bought a couple of pair of capri pants and blouses. I wasn't sure about size ( I have been wearing size 22/24 and figured that I might be down a size and so I took a 22, a 20 and just on a whim, an 18. When I tried them on, I was amazed that the 18 fit quite well and the others were much too large!

So, while the scale has not changed since last week, there have obviously been some changes.

Some of my pants were getting too big and some were actually falling down but I never thought that I'd lost two sizes. So now I don't know how the ones that stay up are even doing so. On Monday I plan a closet purge.

Some of you who have visited before might remember that I was having a hard time figuring out a reward for myself for reaching the halfway point to my original weight loss goal and almost to the quarter point toward my new goal. I think I've found it!

In another piece of good news, I've gotten clearance from my doctor to begin my physical and occupational therapy again and to get back to the Y to do my swimming and water aerobics, though she did caution me not to start them all at once.

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